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Taylor Leadership University was created out of a vision the Taylor Staff had to instill pride and self-esteem in our students.  We researched different schools that were focusing on leadership, including the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  The staff spent several months determining what we wanted the Taylor Leadership University to look like and what we would do that was special and different for our students.

 Taking from the TEA requirement of college and career readiness, we called ourselves a “University” comprised of 6 “colleges” within it.  The key represents the College of Adventure, the tree represents the College of Philanthropy, the arrow represents the College of Determination, the compass represents the College of Integrity, the shooting star represents the College of Inspiration, and the light bulb represents the College of Innovation.  The students (pre-k-5) participated in a college selection day which included a celebration to kick-off the TLU and each student spinning a wheel with the 6 college names on it.  Once each student landed on their specific college, they joined the rest of their college members to cheer and encourage each other.

 Throughout the year, the colleges will be competing for points earned through demonstration of behaviors outlined in the Taylor Leadership University Honor Code.   Teachers will distribute tickets with the TLU logo on them to students who are found to be acting honorably.  In addition, each college will be awarded extra points each grading period based on the percentage of attendance, A honor roll, AB honor roll, and discipline data.  The college with the highest points each week will have their college flag flown outside on the flag pole, and they will get to sit in the front at our Friday Rally.  The college with the highest points each six weeks will be awarded a field trip to an exciting and educational destination.  The college with the highest points for the entire year will get bragging rights and their flag will remain up in our gym the entire school year.

 Once students, and staff, have been assigned a college, they will remain in that college for their entire time at Taylor.  Every Friday, we will have a College Rally.  This rally will be led by students, and college members will sit together and recite their chants at the appropriate times.

 Each college has staff members who are sponsors within the college.  After the rallies on Friday, the colleges with meet separately for TLU time, where they will take care of college business.  Each college has responsibilities to fulfill throughout the year.  Each college will sponsor, plan, host and advertise a parent night.  Each six weeks, each college will choose a service project to improve the community outside of the school.

 The student council officers will be elected through a real election, after having given speeches to the student body and the officers will serve as the leaders of TLU.  TLU will also have the first National Elementary Honor Society in Burleson ISD.

 TLU students in the upper grades will have opportunity to apply, interview and be hired for various jobs on campus.

TLU will be acquiring a broadcasting system which will allow our TLU student leaders to deliver daily announcements.